How To Eradicate Cockroach From Your Home

Do you often see cockroaches walking in your house? Of course, this will make your house look dirty and not nice to see, right? Have you done any ways to repel the cockroach? You can use our services and White Rock pest control will help you clean your home from cockroaches.

Even if it has been eradicated into the nest, usually you need about 2-8 weeks until all the cockroaches die up to the nest. During this time, cockroaches can still hang around in the rooms in your home. Therefore, you also need to do a way to repel cockroaches from the bathroom, kitchen, or dining room in your home. How to drive a cockroach from your home is actually quite easy. The principle is, cockroaches do not like the fresh smells. Cockroaches also do not like the clean and dry environment. So, of course, you have started to know what you should do, is not it?

Yes, make a cockroach out of your house by making perfumes that exist, then let the area that is often passed by a cockroach. The fragrance can be made from bay leaves, cucumber, lemon, dried pepper stalk, bar soap, or camphor. Choose one or several ingredients that are easy to get. Then slice into small pieces or pounded. Put on the area that often passed by the cockroach or cornered-corner of your house, so that the cockroach immediately leave home.

In addition, it can be done by making cockroaches do not feel at home in your house. For example, you must be diligent in maintaining the cleanliness of the environment. Always broom and throw away the fallen food crumbs on the floor. The point is to prevent food cockroaches. So also with air. Close unnecessary air pipes, because the cockroach nest obstacles are inside the sewer pipe. Also tighten the connection of your home pipe, for example, a sink drain pipe connection. Pipe connections that leaked the environment became damp and cockroaches liked that. Do not be lazy to clean the house and make carbolic. High cockroaches do not like this smell.