How to Use Nail Gun

As the name implies, air-nailer or nail gun is a tool to nail by using wind power (compressor for nail gun). This tool is commonly used for work with wood. By using this nail gun, you can speed up the work process because with a single shot the nails can directly insert the wood. A nail gun is often used in furniture, wood industry, wooden pallets, containers, also used by manufacturers of wooden houses. The nail gun can be used with magazine nails or staples, if you want to see nail gun reviews, you can visit our website.

How to Fill the Nail / Magazine

– How to install and use the tool nail gun may vary between brands one another, for more details read the usage manual obtained when buying a tool nail gun. Make sure to use glasses and other safety equipment when using the nail gun tool.

– Open the locking knob close the spikes.

– Pull the nail lid downward

– The type of nail used for the nail gun is an extraordinary nail called brad nail. The nail is tiny with a small head and also the nail is attached to each other and arranged. Put the nail in the position of the sharp part facing outwards.

– Close again then the key to place the spikes.

How to Use nail gun / Air Nailer

– If the nail gun is new, do not forget to give lubricant oil that you get when buying. You can also use special oil for a sewing machine (oil singer) as a replacement, enter the oil through the hole where the wind comes in.

– This tool nail gun works with pressure 90psi, so before using it, make sure the pressure on your compressor is enough, to check it you can notice on the manometer.

– Connect the compressor hose on the tool nail gun/air nailer.

– Turn the protection on the lever so that nails can be shot. On some nail gun, the device will only be shot after the mouth of the nail gun tool touches the wood / other surfaces, because there is no safety lock on the lever. Do not forget to pull out the hose or lock the lever, if it is not used anymore.