Functions and Parts or a Laser Distance

Laser distance or laser meter, this tool can measure the distance by effectively using a laser. This digital laser meter has powerful and interactive functions. This tool is very useful when in the absence of a reflective board as it can measure up to 100m or 328ft easily because it has high precision up to height ± 1.5mm accuracy and also includes interference-free or constraint technology. Digital Laser Meter uses Pythagoras theory when measuring distance or impulse indirectly when direct measurement is quite impossible.

There are several uses or functions that the laser meter has and they are as follows:
– Measuring does not directly use an integrated tilt sensor, one can quickly and easily measure the slope up to ± 45 ° let alone the above ground trends. This is very useful when ensuring the slope of the roof.
– Measuring horizontal distance and the rest when objects can not be directly targeted, fences or walls standing at the line of sight will be very useful when measuring.
– Measures angle & function of stake out.
– Lion battery avoids regular battery replacement
– Measuring a person’s distance, location, and area with instant fitting periods as well as estimating tools for measuring long distances as well as difficult places to reach.

So, if you are looking for a tool to help you take a measurement of a distance between some things, you can consider using this laser meter or laser distance to help you. To take a look at some of the laser meters, you can go to To use the laser meter, it is better for you to know each of parts in the tool so that you will be able to know how to use it better. Here are the parts of the laser meter you need to know before actually using it:

– Laser
– Display
– Measure button
– Area and volume measurement
– Front and rear edge switch
– Spirit bubble guarantee better accuracy or Waterpass
– LCD backlight display
– Pythagoras or Indirect measurement
– Clear & power off button data