Online ordering service

Do you ask about Olive Garden Happy Hour Menu? As said, this restaurant specializing in Italian foods. Before going to the nearest location, make sure you like Italian taste as many people love. Of course, there is a lot of information you need to know, including opening hours every single day. If you are one of the people who run busy activities and have no time to reach our restaurant, an online ordering is an alternative.

Everyone can order any food from Olive Garden from 11 am to 10:40 on weekend. It means that you can keep enjoying your favorite Italian cuisine even without spending too much energy and time. Nowadays, many people take advantage of such online ordering service. If you mean to order the foods online on weekdays, the service is available between 11 AM – 9:40 PM. Once you taste the foods from Olve Garden, you will have the reason to order again and again.