Can Diabetes Be Prevented?

Factors derived (genetic) does have an important role to the development of diabetes in someone. How the mechanism of action of these genetic factors in diabetes is very complicated, and until now little is already known by experts. Besides derivative factors, it turns out that environmental factors are also very decisive someone will have diabetes or not. Environmental factors that can be obesity, unhealthy eating patterns – overeating, many foods containing refined carbohydrates, consuming excessive sugar, fat, consuming less fibrous foods such as vegetables, fruits – a relaxed lifestyle – less exercise, lots of sitting, less physical activity – and so on. Noteworthy is that you need to take the best supplements like SoMan with proven info,

Try to be more active, do light exercise such as jogging, swimming, bike at least 30-40 minutes, at least 5 times a week. Reduced long sitting habits in front of the TV, especially while sitting you are also snacking, can help reduce the risk of diabetes. Reducing portions of food, choosing healthy foods, eating lots of vegetables, fiber foods, eating less, but more often, helps you reduce your risk of diabetes. Stop smoking, control your blood pressure, if your blood pressure is high is also useful to minimize your chances of becoming a diabetic later.