Types of Earrings

Earrings are one of the accessories that people often use. But there are also using one type of earring in the long term. The shape of the earrings should be in accordance with the shape of the face because it will make the appearance can be more interesting. Women who can choose the earrings that are suitable for their facial shape will be able to beautify them, otherwise, women who choose the wrong earrings will look strange and become the conversation of people around them. If you love rock and roll accessories or gothic, you can visit our website and find skull earrings.

The women should indeed pay attention first face shape so that when choosing earrings, will be able to beautify them. An earring that matches the shape of the face will be more useful because it can be used more often. Buying lots of earrings but not in accordance with the face shape will instead accumulate accessories in the accessories box. So keep in mind that not all types of earrings suitable for someone. No matter whether the earrings are on the rise as a trend, the shape of the face should be one that is noticed in the selection of earrings.

Before matching between the face shape and the type of earrings, we first know what kind of popular earrings.

– Teardrops: as the name implies, this earring is like a falling tear.

– Dangles: This earrings are placed under the earlobe. The shape can be a bead, round, box, with a variety of designs.

– Studs: stud earring is a classic buttonhole type of stone, ball, and the like.

– Chandeliers: chandelier earrings are a kind of decorative earrings from the stud and drop earrings.

– Hoops: is a simple classic earring with a circle from front to back, be it big or small.

– Huggies: a type of earrings similar to Hoop but usually smaller. This type of earring will be attached to the ear by post or clip-on. Usually made of plastic or metal.

– Cluster: clutch earring type affixed to the earlobe with additional decorations such as gemstones, rhinestones, or other decorative elements added under the earlobe.