Tiredness and Depression, Be Careful You May Lose Testosterone

Lack of testosterone levels or commonly called hypogonadism was not only an impact on the sex life of men. But, it can also affect the work of other organs, such as liver, kidney, and bone. For that, visit http://musclesupplementtrials.com/six-ways-enhance-levels-testosterone-excercise/ and get a way to increase the hormone testosterone.

Medically hypogonadism can be interpreted as testicular failure producing physiological testosterone levels and normal spermatozoa count. This is due to interference with the hypothalamus or pituitary gonads. Lack of testosterone levels not only affect the sex life alone. Because testosterone is a factor that also affects hair growth, increased muscle strength and volume, erythropoietin production stimuli in the kidneys, protein anabolism, to accelerated growth and epiphyseal closure in bone.

If testosterone is optimal, a man must be more confident, a healthy heart because of his erection and libido healthy, strong bones, and more energetic, or not easily sluggish.