The type and use of sock compression

Many of us are faced with the problem of varicose veins, such as venous insufficiency and this brings discomfort both physically and aesthetically. Many women hide their feet from people under their pants and usually they choose to wear faded pants. To Profilaktirovat and avoid the disease is to use compression stockings. You can get thigh compression sleeve on us. Sock compression is used for the treatment and prevention of disease in the venous system. There are three main directions to the use of sock compression: preventive, curative, hospital.

Prevention of jersey pressure creates a small value and is used for the prevention of varicose veins in people who by the nature of their activities have been a long time in an upright position or in a sitting position, as well as for people with a tendency to be inherited to Varicosexpansion. Medical jersey is used in more serious cases, it provides higher levels of physiologically distributed pressure (18-49 mm Hg or more.And art at ankle level). The knit type is used for people with symptoms that are already developed from diseases of the venous system. Hospital sock compression, used in medical practice after multiple surgeries. Sometimes 3 types: the first provides reliable protection from thromboembolic complications, the second is used in sclerotherapy, one-third is used during and after Echosclerotherapy minimally invasive intervention.

Perhaps for the layman, thigh compression sleeve aims to increase the style of the player while in the field. Yes, that view is not a mistake, as well as making the player more interesting, it also aims to help the player move more easily to shoot the ball. In addition, these objects are also able to warm up their muscles and are also capable of preventing from the threat of injury.